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  • Thursday, October 27, 2005

    Can Borrell

    Today my wife and I went out to eat at a traditional Catalan restaurant, Can Borrell. It is situated in the middle of a park and we had to walk about 25 minutes down a wooded path to get there. There is also a dirt road you can take, but we couldn't find it. About 1/4 of the people that were at the restaurant had walked.

    We started with a pitcher of sangrea, but a more interesting choice would have been the chilled black wine (two me next to us ordered it). The black wine comes in a glass pitcher that has the pouring nozzle stretched to a point. The men would take turns holding up the pitcher and pouring the wine directly into their mouths. They did this with one hand while the other hand held back their beards. I thought that the chance of me getting through a whole pitcher of the stuff without getting any on my shirt would be minimal.

    While we waited for our food, we had bread that came with tomatoes and garlic. When I write tomotoes and garlic, I mean the whole things, completely uncut. When we asked the waiter what we did with the tomatoes and the clove of garlic he tried to explain, but finally gave up and got his own portion to show us. You started by taking the tomato and cutting it in half. Then you rubbed it against the bread, squishing out tomato juice. When the bread has soaked up the tomato, you cut the garlic, and rubbed it on top as well. You finally poured oil over the top. While it was good, I think I prefer having the sause made for me.

    A man and his mother on the other side of us had ordered some type of vegetable instead of the bread. It came with plastic gloves and a dipping sause. The vegetable looked a lot like thick spegetti. It was dipped into the sause and then dropped into your mouth. The man was doing the dipping for his mother and they both seemed to be enjoying it.

    Our first course was mushrooms after which we had snails and rabbit. The mushrooms were especially good. As we finished, we got 4 large shots of child peppermint schnops. The waiter insisted that this was good for the digestion and gave them to us on the house. It was a good thing that we had plenty of time and that it was a long walk back to the car.

    Following the restaurant link, Can Borrell, has some nice pictures of the place. You click on "Mappa" and then click on any of the red dots.


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